Choosing the right photographer.

When it comes to choosing a photographer we know it can be overwhelming. An online search can bring up hundreds of options, many of which have confusing or misleading pricing & terms, and no clear details on how they work or what they actually offer.

Choosing the right photographer to capture your family memories or your corporate identity is extremely important. To help you make the right choice, here are some tips from Mark Morffew:

Make sure you understand the photographer’s pricing.

Every photographer or photography studio charges differently. The easiest way to get a clear understanding is to see their price list. Most photographers have packages “starting from…” but it is actually unclear what is included and what your final investment will be. Some photographers don’t mention pricing at all on their website and ask you to “contact them”.
Our Pricing page clearly outlines the cost of the various shoot options we offer, and includes a price guide with our most popular sizes.

Be wary of free photo shoots & products gifted with a purchase from another company (e.g. car dealership).

This type of marketing is not designed as a “gift” - it is to generate potential bookings. The idea is that you come for the free gift and then high-pressure sales tactics push you into spending significantly above the “gift”. Remember the old saying - nothing is for free.

Who is actually taking the photos?

You’ve fallen in love with the photos on a studio’s website, but which photographer took them? How experienced are they? Most studios have a team of photographers that changes as people come and go, so make sure you find out who will be taking your photos.
When you book a shoot with Mark Morffew, you know that you’re getting over 25 years experience and the high quality of work that we display is a true representation of what you will get from your shoot - so you know you’re booking with the best.


Online reviews are not always what they seem.

We’re all guilty of reading online reviews, however can they really be trusted? The increasing number of fake or incentivised reviews and negative reviews by competitors make trusting online reviews difficult
Trust word of mouth, or call and speak to someone to get a feel for the type of experience you’ll have. Our team are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Make sure the photographer or studio offers the products that you want.

Do you want digital files? Framed prints? Both? We offer the highest quality photographic products as well as high resolution, retouched digital files. Examples and more information on our products can be found here.

Quality over quantity.

If you’re going to the effort of having professional photos taken, you want them to look the best they possibly can. Some photographers may look appealing because you receive a digital file of every photo taken. Most of the time these files are not high resolution and have had minimal retouching/editing (if any).
Any photos that you purchase with us are retouched to the highest standard - skin blemishes, stray hairs, colour correction if required, wrinkles & lines softened etc. - so that the final product is something that you can be proud to display.

Will you still love the photos in 10 years?

Our simple, natural & contemporary style of photography is designed to focus on expression rather than incorporating props, sets or over the top outfits so they won’t date. Mark’s customers from 20 years ago still tell us how much they love their photos.
Get a feel for the photographer’s style and make sure that it is something that you will love seeing on your walls in the future. A great portrait should be one that remains on display for many years and not taken down because it looks dated. Excessive unnatural retouching, “in trend” filters and elaborate props are all things that can quickly make a photo look dated.

Where is the studio actually located?

Lots of “studios” look incredible on their websites, but when you actually arrive for your shoot and find yourself in somebody’s garage you might start to second guess your choice. Always make sure to check out where the studio is located, what facilities are available, if easy parking is available. Knowing these things can help you to prepare for your shoot and make the whole process much easier.

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